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application code

A string of characters that you create and use to identify your application. The application code may have a maximum of six alphanumeric characters. Each application that you want to secure with License Manager must have its own application code.

available license

Refers to a license that is configured or when the 14day evaluation period is in effect.

configuration key

A string of characters generated by the License Key Generator utility based on a registration string provided by your customer. Your customer needs this key to configure License Manager to allow your products to run.

key file

Refers to a Synergy key file (.skf), which is a file that contains configuration keys for one or more licensees. You can use a Synergy key file to automatically configure all products for a workstation at once.


Product License Agreement. Refers to the Synergex Synergy/DE Product License Agreement Terms and Conditions.

producer code

A number given to you by Synergex that identifies your company. This code is used by LM_LOGIN, LM_LOGOUT, win_lm_login, win_lm_logout, and win_lm_stat.

registration string

A string of characters generated by License Manager. Your customers must send you this string before you can generate configuration keys for them.


Synergy key file. See key file.


A slot is allocated by License Manager each time someone starts the application. When you configure a product for a certain number of users, that number of slots is reserved.


A key that is maintained in License Manager to keep track of the licenses that are logged in. The token is obtained from the login process and used when logging out to ensure that the process that is logging out is authorized to do so.