Choosing a development environment

When developing in Synergy/DE, you have several choices for your development environment:

Creating a traditional Synergy project from scratch in Visual Studio

The following instructions explain how to begin developing traditional Synergy applications for Windows desktop and server in Visual Studio. See Using Visual Studio for Traditional Synergy and Visual Studio documentation for more detailed information.

1. Once you’ve installed Synergy/DE and SDI, start Visual Studio and select File > New Projects from the Visual Studio menu.
2. In the New Project dialog, select Synergy/DE from the Installed Templates area of the dialog, and then select one of the traditional Synergy project templates. You’ll also need to set a few options for the project (name, location, and so forth) in the new Project Dialog.
3. Add Synergy DBL code, references (for example, to OLBs, ELBs, and projects), and other items to your projects.
4. Set project properties, which include settings for building/compiling. See the help topic Synergy/DE project properties for more information.
5. Build the Visual Studio solution. Select Build > Build Solution from the Visual Studio menu.
6. Use the standard Synergy debugger (not the Visual Studio debugger) to debug your application.