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Creating a CrossReference File

A crossreference file contains records that associate fields with access keys, based on name link matches. ReportWriter uses a crossreference file when you want to add files to a report based on relationships that aren’t `defined in the repository.

Because a crossreference file is optional, one is not included in your distribution. To create a crossreference file, use the Repository Generate CrossReference utility. For instructions, see “Generating a crossreference file”.

Once created, this file is never read or modified by Repository—only ReportWriter reads this file. To ensure that this file contains valid data, you should regenerate it each time you modify your repository.

By default, the crossreference file is named rpsxref.ism, and its location is defined with the RPSDAT environment variable. If you want to name your crossreference file differently, set the RPSXFIL environment variable to the desired file.

ReportWriter searches for the crossreference file as follows:

If the RPSXFIL environment variable is defined, the crossreference filename is the value of RPSXFIL.

If RPSXFIL is not defined, ReportWriter attempts to open the file as RPSDAT:rpsxref.ism.

If RPSDAT:rpsxref.ism can’t be opened, ReportWriter attempts to open rpsxref.ism in the current directory.

Moving a crossreference file

Move the crossreference file following the general guidelines for moving data files to other systems in “Moving database files to other systems”.