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Report Definition Language

The Report Definition Language (RDL) describes the contents of a ReportWriter report definition. The Generate Report Schema utility converts the contents of a report into RDL. The Load Report Schema utility converts the contents of an RDL file into a new report. RDL was designed as a tool for documenting, analyzing, creating, and modifying reports. Here are some ways you might use it:

RDL files can be used to move reports from one system to another or to copy reports from one report definition file into another.

The Report Definition Language can be used to create or modify reports. You can modify the RDL file created by the Generate Report Schema utility or create one of your own, and then reload it with the Load Report Schema utility.

RDL output files are also very useful in analyzing reports or in creating a new report similar to an existing report.

Report Definition Language syntax and usage

CALCULATION – Describe a calculation field

ENVIRONMENT – Describe an environment field

FIELD – Describe a field to be printed

FILE – Describe a file to be read

LINE – Describe a line

MISCELLANEOUS – Describe miscellaneous report options

QUESTION – Describe a question field

REPORT – Describe a report definition

SELECT – Describe the fields to be compared in selecting records

SORT – Describe a sort field

SUBTOTAL – Describe a subtotal access field

TEMPTEXT – Describe a temporary text field

TEXT – Describe text to be printed