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Developing with Synergy .NET

With Synergy .NET you can create .NET applications for Windows (including Universal Windows Platform), Android, iOS, and Linux. See “Synergy .NET basics” for details on support. The topics listed below document the development processes for these platforms, including basic steps for using Synergy .NET with required thirdparty products, such as Visual Studio and Xamarin.


The following topics do not fully document thirdparty products or the development procedures required to use them. For information on thirdparty products, refer to the documentation for those products

Synergy .NET basics

Synergy .NET requirements

Using solutions, projects, and portable class libraries

Developing Windows desktop and server applications

Developing for Universal Windows Platform

Developing for Android

Developing for iOS

Developing for .NET on Linux

Developing portable class libraries

Debugging Synergy .NET code

Using data files on devices

Performing common Synergy .NET coding tasks

Preparing existing code for Synergy .NET