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Text Routines

Tookit’s text routines enable you to view (display) or edit text in a window. They support margins, word wrap, and scrolling (when the window view is smaller than the entire window).

The view function supports both horizontal and vertical movement within the window, as well as character, word, and line movement.

The edit function gives you editing capabilities such as character, word, and line deletion, inserting a line, joining lines, and toggling insert and overstrike mode.

If desired, the text routines can store text entries in a compressed format, which can be stored to, or loaded from, either a text window or an array. Text windows also can be loaded from an array.

T_EDIT – Edit the text in a text window

T_GETLIN – Get lines of text from a text window

T_PUTTXT – Put text into a text window

T_SETUP – Specify a text window’s characteristics

T_TXTRD – Read text from a window library

T_TXTWRT – Store text into a window library

T_VIEW – Control view through a text window

T_WNDRD – Load a text window from a window library

T_WNDWRT – Store a text window’s contents in a window library