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Synergy DBMS

Synergy DBMS is the file management system for Synergy/DE, enabling you to store and manage your data. Its primary file format is ISAM, which uses a data file index for fast access. Synergy DBMS also supports relative, sequential, and stream file formats. On OpenVMS, Synergy DBMS is implemented with RMS (Record Management Services).

Synergy file types

Synergy DBMS utilities

bldism – Create an ISAM file

chklock – Report file lock information

ctutl – Manipulate change tracking parameters

fcompare – Compare database files to system catalog or repository

fconvert – Convert database files to other file types

ipar – Generate parameter file descriptions

irecovr – Recover Revision 4 or higher ISAM files

isload – Load, unload, or clear an ISAM file

ismvfy – Verify structure of a Revision 4 or higher ISAM file

isutl – Verify, recover, and optimize Revision 4 and higher ISAM files

status – Report the status of an ISAM file

ISAM definition language

Moving database files to other systems