Synergy in Visual Studio

Version 10.3.3

You can use Visual Studio to develop traditional Synergy applications and Synergy .NET applications. Synergy DBL Integration for Visual Studio (SDI) is the product that makes this possible.

There are a number of advantages to using Visual Studio for your Synergy development. Builds are often much faster, strong prototyping is automatic, and you have access to features such as IntelliSense and colorization. Synergy's integration with Visual Studio is extensive, so most applicable Visual Studio features are available for Synergy development, and some Synergy-specific features are added with SDI. See the SDI release notes (REL_SDI.TXT) for known limitations, and see SDI features and components for information on Synergy's integration with Visual Studio.

Some of the topics in this section discuss the basics of SDI and developing in Visual Studio (these topics apply to both traditional Synergy and Synergy .NET). The topics under Using Visual Studio for Traditional Synergy document the steps required to create traditional Synergy programs and libraries. (For information on the steps required to create Synergy .NET programs and libraries, see Synergy .NET and Mobile App Development.)


The following sections do not fully document third-party products, such as Visual Studio, or the development procedures required to use them. For full information on third-party products, refer to the documentation for those products.


SDI Basics

Using Visual Studio for Traditional Synergy

Templates and settings for Synergy projects