SDI features and components

With SDI, the Synergy DBL language, Synergy compilers, and Synergy debugging are integrated with Visual Studio. This integration enables you to

SDI also includes Synergy-specific help topics for Visual Studio (see Getting help for Synergy in Visual Studio), as well as menu entries for Synergy features. When you open a Synergy project in Visual Studio, “Stop Build on First Error” is added to the Visual Studio Build menu. (This stops a build as soon as an error is encountered in a Synergy project.) And a few menu entries are added to the Visual Studio Tools menu:

The context menu that opens when you right-click an .INCLUDE statement includes Open File, which opens the specified include file in the Visual Studio editor.

A DBL Background pane is available in the Visual Studio Output window. This pane logs background IntelliSense and prototyping messages and is for use by Synergy/DE Developer Support. To view this pane, open the Visual Studio Output window (View > Output) and select “DBL Background” in the “Show output from” drop-down list at the top of the window.

Additional features for Synergy .NET

For Synergy .NET projects, SDI also includes runtime libraries for Windows and Linux desktop and server applications. (A NuGet package is available with runtime libraries for device platforms. See Synergy .NET Requirements.) And it includes Synergy-specific Watch and QuickWatch commands for debugging (see Debugging Synergy .NET Code).

Additional features for traditional Synergy

For traditional Synergy development, SDI also includes the following: