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xfNetLink & xfServerPlus User’s Guide

Version 10.3.3

About this manual

xfNetLink and xfServerPlus enable you to access Synergy routines and data remotely from a Synergy, Java™, or .NET client.

xfNetLink Synergy Edition is a set of routines distributed with Synergy/DE Professional Series, that routines work in conjunction with xfServerPlus to execute Synergy routines stored on a remote machine. The user interface is in a Synergy application on the client machine.

xfNetLink Java Edition works in conjunction with the Java programming language or JavaScript™ scripting language. Using the component generation tools, you can generate Java class wrappers and build them into a JAR file that references your Synergy routines. The user interface can be presented by a Java application, a Java applet, or JavaServer Pages™.

xfNetLink .NET Edition enables a .NET client to call Synergy routines residing on a remote server. Using the component generation tools, the .NET Framework, and Microsoft® Visual Studio®, you can create an assembly that references Synergy routines.